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16 juni 2017) 93 - YOUTUBE - NACHRICHTEN - NEWS - NYHETER -

Postby Mtaybono » Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:27 pm

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ܒܪܝܟ ܡܪܝ ܚܫܟ. ܬܚܝܬ ܡܕܒܪܢܘܬܗ ܕܐܣܝܐ ܐܒܪܗܡ ܠܚܕܐ ܒܒܝܙܒܕܝܢ

Interview with Mr. Frederick Dooman, a prominent Assyrian from the United States http://ondemand.893fm.com.au/01/html/mon1800.php Interview with Mr. Frederick
Dooman, a prominent Assyrian from the United States

Interview with Mr Emanuel Khoshaba, Secretary General of the Assyrian Patriotic Party –from Assyria http://ondemand.893fm.com.au/01/html/mon1900.php

Interview with Mr Emanuel Khoshaba, Secretary General of the Assyrian Patriotic Party –from Assyria http://ondemand.893fm.com.au/01/mon1900.mp3

(NINEB Lamassu) Modern Aramaic Assyrinan/Syriac: Swadaya-english / Turyo-english / English-swadaya-turoy Download Book PDF | AUDIO id:pgfkjje
http://parketpol.com.ua/?option=com_k2& ... 20107.html

Nineb Lamassu

9 juni 2017 - Iraqi sister thanks ACN-benefactors for help in the Plain of Nineveh in Iraq (German subtitles)

Ankawa, Erbil: «Vielen Dank und achten Sie darauf, dass Ihre Unterstützung uns sehr viel bedeutet.
https://twitter.com/Kirche_in_Not_B/sta ... 2274480128

Vatandaşın Katar krizi yorumu sosyal medyada: Hangisi Sünni, hangisinde daha çok para var?
http://t24.com.tr/video/vatandasin-kata ... a-var,7022

Bassam Slivo _ Khiga Yaqoora 2017
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9IGEp2 ... e=youtu.be


Berlin, 15. Juni 2017, ab 16:30 Uhr: Veranstaltungen zum Gedenken an die Völkermordopfer aramäischsprächiger (ost- und westsyrischer) Christen im Osmanischen Reich
http://www.genozid-gedenkstaette.de/nac ... ws-015.php
Besart Lugoli wechselt zum SV Tur Abdin Delmenhorst
https://www.noz.de/lokales-dk/lokalspor ... elmenhorst

6. JUNI 2017 - Podiumsdiskussion am 18.6.2017 – 102 Jahre Genozid – Flucht und Vertreibung halten an
http://www.zocd.de/2017/06/06/podiumsdi ... halten-an/

13. Juni 2016 - Ramadan im Flüchtlingsheim Seligenstadt: „Lasst uns die ungläubigen Christen abschlachten“
https://www.berlinjournal.biz/ramadan-f ... chlachten/

29.05.2017 - Christliche Miliz bewacht Grenze gegen IS
https://www.pro-medienmagazin.de/gesell ... -gegen-is/

Bühne frei für Augsburger Bekenntnisse: Junges Theater zeigt autobiografisches Stück zum Reformationsjahr
https://www.stadtzeitung.de/augsburg-ci ... 27521.html

Wann wird die Hostie zum Leib Christi?
http://www.katholisch.de/aktuelles/aktu ... ib-christi

Israelische Nationalisten danken moslemischen Geistlichen für seine Freundschaft
http://www.israelheute.com/Nachrichten/ ... fault.aspx

Ausländische und deutsche Spezialitäten findet man an 40 Ständen. Darunter gibt es auch vietnamesische, arabische, italienische, karibische, aramäische und assyrische Kostproben.
http://www.guetsel.de/content/gueterslo ... aende.html

Trompeten und Trommeln mal ganz anders und mit einer Interpretation von „Freude schöner Götterfunken“, wie man sie sicher nicht alle Tage zu hören bekommt, bot der „Assyrische Tanz – Mesopotamien Verein Augsburg“ mit einer Pfadfindergruppe....
Ein Fest für die hundert Nationen in der Stadt - weiter lesen auf Augsburger-Allgemeine:
http://www.augsburger-allgemeine.de/sch ... 02341.html

Trotz Völkermord und Leid: Iraks Christen harren aus, sagt dieser chaldäische Bischof
http://de.catholicnewsagency.com/story/ ... schof-1979

Das Team aus dem Heidewaldstadion muss in der ersten Kreispokal-Runde beim A-Ligisten Suryoye Verl antreten.
http://www.die-glocke.de/lokalnachricht ... 881c0d5-ds

Über ein Jahrzehnt gemeinsame Tradition
http://nibelungen-kurier.de/ueber-ein-j ... tradition/


Indigenous Relief Fund by Assyrian Aid Society of America
Prince Charles visits Syriac (Syrian) Orthodox Church with Prince of Jordan
http://www.gettyimages.se/detail/video/ ... /689441438

ePub Download Envisioning Islam: Syriac Christians and the
Early Muslim World (Divinations: Rereading Late Ancient
Religion) Read Online
https://7bb0773c-a-62cb3a1a-s-sites.goo ... edirects=0

The Assyrians and their Neighbors
http://www.wawallap.eu/sv/bocker/the-as ... hbors.html

June 15, 2017 - The Urgent Need for Appropriate “Safe Zones” in Iraq
https://providencemag.com/2017/06/the-u ... s-in-iraq/

06/09/2017 - She Became a Symbol of Genocide - Today She is a Symbol of Hope
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/she ... fa859f1770

March 28, 2017 - Indigenous Relief Fund by Assyrian Aid Society of America

The lawmakers said most members of the Michigan Chaldean community are Catholic Christians originally from Iraq and, as a religious minority, face persecution and possibly torture if returned to Iraq.
http://www.clickondetroit.com/news/mich ... immigrants

http://www.newsweek.com/iraq-christians ... ion-625722

Trump is deporting Arab Christians, even though he promised to protect them
http://stepfeed.com/trump-is-deporting- ... -them-2502

https://www.eastcountymagazine.org/aclu ... q-refugees

Outrage Grows Over Arrests of Hundreds of Christians in Detroit
http://www.christianpost.com/news/chris ... rt-188067/

Iraqi Christians face genocide at home. Now the Trump administration wants to send them back.
https://www.vox.com/world/2017/6/14/158 ... ions-mosul

Protesters block US deportation buses carrying Iraqi Christians (VIDEOS)
https://www.rt.com/usa/391963-protester ... ion-buses/

Iraqi Christians are slowly returning to their homes, wary of their neighbors
http://kosu.org/post/iraqi-christians-a ... -neighbors

Know Your Neighbor: Adrenna Alkhas

Mideast Christian Activists Concerned by Arrests of Iraqi Coreligionists in US
https://www.algemeiner.com/2017/06/15/m ... sts-in-us/

Tony Youssef, 40, was co-owner of Eli's Bagel Trattoria, his obituary states. He earned his certified food handler's license.
He was a member of the Assyrian Orthodox Church of the Virgin Mary in Paramus.
https://patch.com/new-jersey/paramus/ow ... d-saturday

Residents in 'normal' Mosul await the return of Christians
https://international.la-croix.com/news ... tians/5359

As Iraqi Christians await deportation, bishop points to suffering Body of Christ
http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/ ... ist-39366/

The Readers' Forum: Friday letters
http://www.journalnow.com/opinion/lette ... 8a9ce.html

ISIS is firmly on the defensive in Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, where U.S. and Iraq coalition forces are pushing forward in a pitched and bloody battle to retake the city. Though the terror group may be in retreat, one nearby town isn’t taking any chances.
https://news.vice.com/story/locals-in-i ... -the-ruins

U.S. sculptor focuses on Iraq, Syria conflicts
http://www.readingeagle.com/life/articl ... -conflicts

Iraqi Christians endure despite persecution, Chaldean bishop says
http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/ ... ays-98513/

From the beginning of the Iraq War in 2003 to 2014, we received only 115,000 Iraqi refugees, while Sweden admitted 78,000, 40 percent Assyrian Christians. They are now the second largest immigrant population after the Finns.
http://idahostatejournal.com/opinion/co ... 6e100.html

Chaldo-Assyrians, or Iraqi Christians, unfurl Iraqi, U.S. and Assyrian flags while protesting their lack of representation in the new Iraqi government in front of the Iraqi Embassy June 7, 2006 in Washington, DC.
http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/nationa ... 31373.html

The RA NA Deputy Speaker expressed his gratitude to the Hellenic Parliament for the adoption of the resolution on recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide, as well as informed that the parliaments of Armenia and Artsakh Republic unanimously adopted statements condemning the genocide perpetrated towards the Pontian Greeks and Assyrians by the Ottoman Empire.
http://www.parliament.am/news.php?cat_i ... 5&lang=eng

Bishops extend work of immigration group after vigorous floor debate
https://www.americamagazine.org/faith/2 ... oor-debate

'Roughly half' of Iraqi, Syrian Christians have fled since 2011
http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/ ... 011-45524/

Pope Francis, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople and Patriarch Efrem II of the Syriac-Orthodox Church attend an interfaith peace gathering outside the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi, Italy, Sept. 20, 2016. (CNS/Paul Haring)
https://www.commonwealmagazine.org/lett ... tian-unity

9th June 2017 - Iraq: “We want to rebuild our convent and return home” – Dominican Sisters of Teleskuf
http://members4.boardhost.com/acnaus/ms ... 86295.html


Insatsstyrka ska tala Malmös skräpmarodörer till rätta
https://www.sydsvenskan.se/2017-06-15/i ... till-ratta

(Assyriska FC Västerås)
Assyriska förlorade mot Munktorp på Råby konstgräs
http://www.vlt.se/div-4-herr/vastmanlan ... -konstgras

Riksbanken till handeln: "Inte rimligt att kunderna får tillbaka mynt som blir ogiltiga om några veckor"
http://www.vlt.se/ekonomi/riksbanken-ti ... gra-veckor

Syrianska vände och vann mot Sunnersta 2 i sexan
http://eposten.se/sport/syrianska-vande ... 79909.aspx

Dalkurd tilldöms segern i skandalmötet med Syrianska
http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.as ... el=6716978

Uddamålsseger för Gränna mot Assyriska
https://www.jp.se/article/uddamalsseger ... assyriska/

Syrianska förlorade hemma mot Haninge

Norrby och Syrianska delade på poängen efter 1-1
http://www.lt.se/fotboll/superettan/nor ... -efter-1-1

10 juni 2017 - Tungt poängtapp för tappert Assyriska
https://www.jp.se/article/tungt-poangta ... assyriska/

2017-06-08 - Nemrod Barkarmo Stolt Norrköpingsbo och styrelseledamot i Assyriska Ungdomsförbundet
http://www.nt.se/asikter/debatt/50-ar-i ... 93098.aspx

Finland varnar för höjt terrorhot
http://www.msn.com/sv-se/nyheter/utrike ... d-varnar-för-höjt-terrorhot/ar-BBCESRE?ocid=mailsignout

Finland varnar för höjt terrorhot
http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.as ... el=6717094

Charbel och Armando vill vara förebilder
http://www.nt.se/nyheter/norrkoping/cha ... 99359.aspx
Sexårig kristen flicka fri efter tre år under IS-styre
http://www.dagen.se/sexarig-kristen-fli ... e-1.979310
24 okt 2010 - Bråket på Bristol - Sveriges första ”raskravaller”
http://sverigesradio.se/sida/avsnitt/28 ... gramid=909


Asırlardır El Sanatları Ustalarının Yetiştiği Tarihi Süryani Çarşısı, Ahır Olarak Kullanılıyor
https://www.haberler.com/tarihi-suryani ... 38-haberi/

Mardin'de Süryani esnafın Ramazan duyarlılığı
Mardin’in Midyat ilçesinde kafe işletmecisi Süryani Aydın Dilmeç ramazan dolayısıyla iş yerinin vitrinini branda ile kapattı.
http://www.haber7.com/guncel/haber/2353 ... uyarliligi

Süryani Esnafın Ramazan Duyarlılığı
https://www.haberler.com/suryani-esnafi ... 33-haberi/

Tarihi Süryani Çarşısı ahır olarak kullanılıyor
http://www.iha.com.tr/mardin-haberleri/ ... n-1729685/

Göppingen ve çevresi Süryani Ortodoks Kilisesi Horepiskoposu Habip Önder yer aldı.
http://www.yeniposta.de/o-isimleri-anma ... -dedi.html

Lübnan'da yaşayan Mardinliler iftarda buluştu
http://www.timeturk.com/lubnan-da-yasay ... ber-671345

Almanya terör örgütlerinin barınağı olmamalı

1960 mübadelesinden sonra markanın asıl sahipleri ülkeyi terk ediyorlar ve o dönemlerde yanlarında Mardin’den göç etmiş birkaç tane Süryani usta ile beraber çalışıyorlar ve aslında bugünkü Mardinlilere kalmasının sebebi Argamuslar onlar sayesinde bu iş öğreniliyor mutfağımıza kazandırılıyor ve zamanla İstanbul’a göç eden bütün ustalar Midye dolma işine giriyorlar ve kendilerine bölgesel bir sektör oluşturuyorlar.
http://www.istanbultimes.com.tr/guncel/ ... 38709.html

Unutmayalım ki, TC Maraş Katliamı’nı kabul ettiği anda, Ermeni Soykırımı’nı, Süryani-Keldani-Asuri Sayfo’sunu, Dersim Tertelesi’ni, Zilan Kıyımı’nı derken 33 Kurşun’u, 49’lar olayını, Viranşehir Olayı’nı ve Çorum’u, Sivas’ı, Roboski’yi, Cizre’yi, Nusaybin’i ve Sur’la yüzleşmek demektir. Ama bununla yüzleşmeyeceği için saldırılarını daha da arttıracaktır.

https://www.alevinet.com/2017/06/09/mar ... ar-ediyor/

Hrant Dink Vakfı'ndan fişleme raporu
http://www.beyazgundem.com/gundem/hrant ... 10971.html

Erbil’in Pirman ilçesinde gerçekleşen toplantıya katılan siyasi parti ve kurumlar şöyleydi:
http://gazetekarinca.com/2017/06/sinyal ... i-tehdidi/

07 Haziran 2017 - 900 Yıllık Manastırdan Geriye Birkaç Duvar Kaldı
http://www.milliyet.com.tr/900-yillik-m ... r-2091985/

02.06.2016 - Almanya'da 1915 tasarısı kabul edildi
http://www.milliyet.com.tr/turkiye-alma ... efault.htm

http://ankarali-2001.blogspot.se/2017/0 ... uyene.html

Baskın Oran: Gazeteciler ve milletvekilleri köprü altında mı kalıyor?

Putin IŞİD’in militan sayısını açıkladı
https://www.artigercek.com/putin-isid-i ... us.twitter

"Ülkede yaşanan sürece uygun düşen" bir yargımız var
http://t24.com.tr/yazarlar/baskin-oran/ ... -var,17436


اتحاد بيث نهرين الوطني يصدر بيانًا بالذكرى الحادية والعشرون لتأسيسه

اتحاد بيث نهرين الوطني يصدر بيانًا بالذكرى الحادية ...
أصدر اتحاد بيث نهرين الوطني بيانًا بالذكرى الحادية والعشرون لتأسيسه، أشار فيه إلى أن ...



Cristina ha olvidado el arameo (la lengua de los cristianos) y no reconocía a sus padres. Tenía 3 años cuando fue secuestrada
http://www.alfayomega.es/115659/asi-fue ... r-el-daesh

Las fuerzas de Irak toman la mitad del último barrio que controla Estado Islámico cerca de la Ciudad Vieja de Mosul
http://www.europapress.es/internacional ... 32928.html
Armenia, storia e leggenda all’ombra del monte Ararat
http://www.lagenziadiviaggi.it/armenia- ... te-ararat/

Iraq: 25 settembre Kurdistan vota per autonomia, cristiani alla prova
http://www.mainfatti.it/Iraq/Iraq-25-se ... 530033.htm


Les Assyriens et les Babyloniens utilisaient l’argile comme liant ; les Chinois, les Égyptiens et les Mayas avaient, quant à eux, découvert le mortier de chaux et le mortier de gypse.
https://www.batirama.com/article/14789- ... derne.html
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